Saturday, July 6, 2013

Here I am. I did it.

Well it's almost a year since I last updated the old dusty blog. Almost an entire year without internet at home, cell service, or nearby... anything. And as I sit in my very own (okay, rented) mountain cabin in the woods, I think it's safe to say: Here I am. I did it.

I read over my last three posts and it's incredible what that one mantra has done for me in a less than a year.

"If we do not believe wholeheartedly in the attainability of our dreams, 
we are destined to live an unfulfilled life." 

And boy am I living a fulfilled life. Even after this past week of everyday disasters (car breaking down twice, Realtor cashing a post-dated check, oh and that nasty traffic ticket), I am more contented, fulfilled, empowered than I think I've ever been.

I still have a longing for the AT thru-hike. Now isn't the time. I just had an adventure of a different kind. I spent an incredible 10 months as a program instructor. I took inner-city kids on hikes. I held owls. I ziplined and then sent others down the zipline. I climbed (most of) Mount Washington--a near-death story you absolutely must hear verbally. I made a host of lifelong, creative, genuine friends. Here I am. I did it.

Recently promoted to a marketing position, where I get to write everyday, I had to come up with my own housing. I decided that if I'm going to live in the middle of nowhere, I'm going to really go for it. I suppose I could have saved some money on an apartment in a complex, but as you've probably learned by now, that's just not my gig. So here I am, covered in soil from my garden, relaxing in an armchair next to a fireplace in a quiet, little cottage beneath a covering of pine trees. I've decided to call it "Shady Grove." 

Sometimes I'll be driving along a winding mountain road and find myself smiling at something funny one of my new friends said or did. Sometimes I find myself smiling at the memory of hiking with kids and the curiosity and wonderment they have brought to my life. Sometimes it's the scenery by which I'm constantly surrounded. Sometimes I'm not even sure why. This new trajectory simply gives me reason to smile (not that I lacked that before either).