Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Days 13 & 14: Some Time to Relax

July 3rd and 4th were spent taking a break from geology lectures and national parks to just chill out and relax (and also get some serious driving in as we head farther northwest). On the 3rd we stayed at the charming Yaak River Lodge where I am happy to say I spent the majority of the day in a lounge chair reading and writing. After dinner, four friends and I took out the lodge's two canoes on the Yaak River for a few hours (heading in the opposite direction of the previous group who had to be rescued by the sheriff after capsizing) and we had a blast just making jokes and enjoying one another's company. Then one of the owners of the lodge took two of us out for a wildlife tour, but it looks like my curse is back because we really didn't see any animals, but we did get a great view of the forest atop a mountain at dusk. All the girls slept cozily in one bunkhouse complete with bunk beds.

The next day we drove through Idaho again to Washington State, stopping for pictures at Yaak River Falls. Once we arrived at our hotel in Moses Lake, Washington, 8 of us went to a nearby water park for a few hours before eating dinner at a restaurant right on Moses Lake.

Thankfully, I'm traveling with a great group who is constantly making me laugh and entertaining me.

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