Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 6: Monument Valley

Since I'm writing this 2 days later and I didn't write as much as usual in my notes or journal this day, my memory is a little fuzzy. We do so much on this trip that half the time one hears people asking "What state are we in?" or "Where did we go to today?" Thus, I'm glad I'm keeping record of the journey, as I don't want to forget a thing!

First we stopped at a scenic viewpoint with an impressive Colorado Plateau landscape and several stands where Native American women were selling jewelry and other crafts. Being the eclectic shopper that I am, I had to buy a few things; it wouldn't be until the next 3 stops that I'd realize everyone was selling the same things everywhere.

We passed through Lee's Ferry, where we stopped to view some impressive rock formations that appear to defy gravity, but actually form as a result of weathering. Wind carves the foot of these mushroom like rocks.

We then stopped at a campground to use the restroom and checkout the Colorado River, which happens to run nearby. I saw several lizards and kept a keen eye for more rattlesnakes; thankfully there were none.

Then we stopped at Glen Canyon Dam to take some pictures. After Hoover, this one seemed minute.

We drove on through desert plains where one really as the feeling of being in cowboy country as cattle and horses dot the dusty pastures and tumbleweeds roll by and spin up in powerful dust devils. Such sights are not surprising as we neared Monument Valley, the set of numerous old western films. The dirt road that winds threw the park was a thrill in itself from my seat in the back of our large van (thank God for the frequent stops at each viewpoint). The iconic rectangular formations, or buttes, immediatley reminded us of mittens. We then learned they are actually called West Mitten and East Mitten Buttes.

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