Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trail Log: Wells Mill County Park, NJ

Last Saturday I did the entire Penns Hill trail at Wells Mill County Park.  I'd done part of the Penns Hill trail, and I loved the Park so much that I knew I had to come back again to do the 8.4 mile white-blazed trail.  I'm sorry but I think my affinity for white-blazed trails means that I'm destined for the Appalachian Trail (which uses white blazes, of course).  Unfortunately, I'm writing this a week later, so I don't remember much of the hike other than that it was very serene.  I packed a lunch, but had to eat quickly because it was pretty cold.

Oh yeah, and it's hunting season.  The crack of gunshots every few minutes scared the crap out of me because I wasn't sure if hunting was permitted in the park, and I was not wearing the standard orange blazes since I forgot the season started already.  Fortunately, Wells Mill does not permit hunting, but my guess is there's a shooting range nearby.

For the most part, Penns Hill Trail is extremely easy.  There are a few climbs, but no scrambles or anything.  A number of boards are in place where it might get mucky.  You also cannot possibly fall off the trail, not only is it extremely well-marked but also the blueberry bushes, that cover much of the park (which are all bare by now), really keep you on track.  I think Penns Hill will be my go-to hike when I can't make a hike with the club.

Here is the trail map in case you're interested.

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